End-to-end Fannie Mae Technology Boosts Volume at First Heritage

In the past 12 months, First Heritage Mortgage Services has experienced a 27 percent increase in conforming conventional loan volume without any change in staffing.

Hearing that number, your first assumption might be that the Pennsylvania-based credit union service organization (CUSO) put a hold on vacation time. Or instituted a six-day work week. But you’re not even close.

First Heritage has spent the last 12 months incorporating best practices to fully embrace end-to-end Fannie Mae technologies – from quality control analysis via Early Check™ to Servicing Management Default Underwriter™ (SMDU™).

The result: higher-quality loans, faster turnarounds, and process efficiencies that free up staff to focus on increasing volume and spending more time with borrowers.

“First Heritage has shown that you can adapt Fannie Mae technology and guidelines to whatever market needs you are trying to meet,” says Lori Keasel, customer account manager at Fannie Mae.

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